9 Top-Rated Recommended Restaurants in Dubai For Business Meetings

Freelancers in Dubai

Freelancers in Dubai can take advantage of great job opportunities at renowned restaurants in the city. According to your own experiences and skills, you can aspire to work in one of the restaurants on the list that we offer you. This allows them to aspire to grow in their careers, due to the productive and international environment.

In this article, we show you the top 9 best business lunch places you can aspire to. As you will see later, you will find a variety of designs, typical food from around the world, and views from all over Dubai. Therefore, we offer you this list so you can have a view of what options Dubai offers and you can obtain a freelance visa as well.

Avli by Tashas

Freelancers in Dubai

Avli by Tashas is a restaurant inspired by Athens, by poets and philosophers with Greek heritage, ideal for freelancers in Dubai. Likewise, its facilities are refined, which honors Greek food and culture. In addition, it is a reflection of the love of the owner for the country and the modest lifestyle of the place, and is one of a best dining in Dubai.

In the business, customers will be able to find a lot of Greek roots such as salads, vegan dishes, seafood, and slow-cooked meats typical of Mediterranean countries. Likewise, on the menu, you can find food prepared in the manner of Greek homes. Its chefs inspired in the recipes of Greek mothers, trips to the center of culture, and ancient recipes.

In the same way, each menu contains ingredients brought from Greece. In this space, you can organize official lunch meetings in Dubai for its relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. As one of the great restaurants, the Avli by Tashas has an excellent classification in the Michelin Guide.

That famous restaurant guide praises it as a classy and brilliant restaurant, one of the best in the DIFC. In addition, it highlights the variety of original dishes cooked with ingredients that meet quality standards. Thus, if your specialty or interest is Greek food, this restaurant is the place to work.


Zuma is the place to be for lovers of Japanese food, as it is one of the perfect business lunch spot in Dubai. Likewise, it is located in the 50th place of the best restaurants worldwide. In addition, customers highly value the constant renewal of the menus prepared there.

In the same way, it stands out for the attention and the good atmosphere, totally vibrant, of its facilities. This is one of the favorite places in Dubai, certified by its clientele and the awards it has received.

Also, the place stands out for the Japanese style called izakaya, which consists of a variety of dishes. Likewise, these are in constant flow as they are ready and therefore each diner can try each one with ease.

also have a place to eat according to the mood that the diner has. This range from eating in a dining room with a crowd of people or alone at the sushi or Robata counter. Also, at the counter, the customer can watch the chefs slice and grill.

However, if the diner wants a more informal place, they can go to the upper level. For all this and more, the Zuma restaurant is the ideal place for Freelancers in Dubai. Zuma is a restaurant that, although it is familiar, is commonly for workers at break and departure times.

In addition to the exclusive dishes, the place offers business lunches at fixed prices for workers in the financial district. However, the most exclusive palates will find a modern interpretation of Japanese food for their taste.


Another good place to work as Freelancers in Dubai is the restaurant, lounge, and bar, Amazónico. This is a place where you can find the gastronomic richness of Latin American culture in its entire splendor. The famous Amazónico restaurant, located in the DIFC, has an upper rooftop inspired by Copacabana.

The place gets its inspiration from the tropical jungle represented elegantly and exuberantly distributed over 3 floors. Furthermore, the client will find a restaurant, lounge, and bar, and has a great terrace on the roof.

Amazónico was remodeled in 2021 and from there, it offers its clients wilder jungle environments, with vegetation and natural materials. Likewise, the tropical-chic rooftop offers an extended bar with floors made with tiles brought from the Copacabana glass.

Also, it exhibits a wall where the client will be able to appreciate a variety of live plants. Likewise, you will find a bar with high seats, cozy booths, yellow umbrellas, and everything with a view of the skyscrapers of the city.

In addition, the gastronomy of the restaurant is inspired by the Amazon region of Latin America with Asian and Mediterranean influences. All these menus are divided between lunches and dinners in the restaurant, as well as snacks on the roof. You will find the chefs combine traditional and cutting-edge techniques as well as seasonal ingredients to bring you the ultimate Latino experience.

In the same way, everything is accompanied by cocktails, wines, and liquors inspired by the Amazon jungle. This restaurant also has a private dining room for customers exclusively for small groups. Therefore, Amazónico is one of the best business lunch venues in Dubai for its elegance and comfort.


CE LA VI is a contemporary rooftop restaurant with Far Eastern touches, best known on the Asian continent. This restaurant has branches in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore. However, in Dubai, this replica of this fabulous restaurant offers impressive views from the pool terrace of the Burj Khalifa. It is ideal for official lunch meetings in Dubai.

This restaurant has a very refined atmosphere, with the greatest luxury and comfort you can find in the modern Dubai. In addition, the large windows provide a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Dubai that stands out even more at night. Likewise, the client that visits the restaurant can enjoy a soft music that keeps the atmosphere lively and vibrant.

However, as the night wears on, the atmosphere becomes even more animated thanks to the rhythm of the music. The excellent food for the most demanding palates complements this with class and style for the most demanding clients

At CE LA VI you will find Howard Ko, a Michelin-starred chef with 11 years of experience in culinary establishments. Also, due to this experience, the menu offered contains dishes from Asian cuisine as well as from different parts of the world. In addition, it offers a delicious variety of dishes for vegan diners.

One of the particular characteristics of this restaurant is that it accepts payments in cryptocurrencies for its distinguished clientele. Therefore, this place redefines what luxury and elegance mean to please its clients. Hence, this restaurant is a classy option to expand your experience and grow your occupational aspirations.


Freelancers in Dubai

Basko is an excellent chic restaurant for freelancers in Dubai because it is located in the center of Business Bay. Likewise, the place offers a colorful but chic environment that obtained a place in The Opus Business Bay, where the client can enjoy lunch, dinner, and drinks.

In the place, clients can enjoy a spectacular terrace that seems to be taken from a landscaping magazine. In addition, it has a spiral staircase that leads to a secret bar. It also has a semi-open kitchen where you can see the chefs at work.

On the other hand, it offers a view of the beautiful Dubai skyline, which completes all the height experiences that a person can enjoy.

Hutong Dubai

Another apt place to find a business lunch menu in Dubai is the Hutong Dubai restaurant. Inside you will find a dark decoration combined with flashes of red and a lively atmosphere that has earned it a reputation as a warm and lively place.

This restaurant started in Hong Kong and brought its aesthetic to Dubai, with a modern menu inspired by North China. In addition, it offers on its menu different levels of spiciness in its meals, according to the taste of the diner. They also offer varied dishes and a wide range of flavors that make the restaurant a success and an ideal place for freelancers in Dubai.

Therefore, in this restaurant, you will find the best Northern Chinese food but with a modern twist. Anyone can visit this place for its great variety and economy for lunches for every occasion.


Basta is an informal, fun, and upbeat restaurant, an attractive place for those working as freelancers in Dubai. In addition, they offer diner dishes prepared by chef David Myers, an American who has won a Michelin star. This American TV chef has other big-name spots at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Dubai.

At Basta, guests will find dining options ranging from indoor or terraced settings overlooking the Dubai Water Canal. Moreover, it offers many traditional Mediterranean-inspired dishes among its dishes with an unparalleled starter menu. In this restaurant, you will find an authentic Italian experience due to its originality and freshness.

Additionally, those who wish to both work and eat in this renowned and original restaurant will find a pleasant atmosphere. Also, if you want to escape Dubai for a moment, this restaurant offers you a different space. Those who enjoy variety will be gratefully surprised by dishes that range from gourmet food to classic pizzas.

At this restaurant in Business Bay, you will find authentic Italian dishes from noon to 4 pm all week. It also offers reasonable prices to obtain a complete meal, including its varied and exclusive desserts.

Beau Rivage Bistro

This business is located in Grand Millennium Business Bay, ideal for the best business lunch meals in Dubai. European style inspired the restaurant and café, and it is along the so-called promenade of the Canal in Dubai. Likewise, the atmosphere is relaxed, offering live music with an spectacular, innovated, and delicious menu to share.

It offers original, creative dishes, and very well prepared and served to its clientele. It is a perfect place to share after work every day or a special weekend, as well as for business meetings. At the same time, it is excellent if the person likes to enjoy outdoor experiences overlooking the city and the Dubai Canal.

In general experience, there is nothing like it in Business Bay, where they can also start working as freelancers in Dubai. In addition, the place offers a wide range of healthy salads, pizzas, main courses, and high-end desserts. Everything to please the different types of clients, even the most demanding in an informal but high-rise atmosphere.

LPM Restaurant & Bar

LPM Restaurant & Bar can offer freelancers in Dubai a good opportunity. This restaurant is one of the best offering French food in Dubai. Also, this business is a branch of the coffee shop chain born in Nice, France, so it could not be more authentic.

The restaurant and bar are extremely elegant and have received many awards since its beginnings, which can be seen when eating its dishes. Likewise, the place is luxurious with light walls decorated with modern art and tables dressed with white tablecloths. In the same way, they are accompanied by benches that match the cream color of the walls.

The menu offered is based on Nice food, which is a mix between Mediterranean and French with an Italian influence. Whether you are a connoisseur of French food or want to experience new flavors, this is the restaurant for you. A restaurant with excellent service, authentic food, and a cozy atmosphere.

LPM Restaurant & Bar offers a varied menu adapted to the taste of the clients and also to the season. In addition, you will find that the menu changes each month, so customers visit it constantly so they do not miss out on innovations.

The working environment for freelancers in the UAE is full of varieties, in which they can take advantage of opportunities in restaurants. Thus, freelancers in Dubai can choose to work in one of the aforementioned restaurants. If you have any questions about the process of obtaining a freelance visa in Dubai UAE, you can contact us.

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