How to Easily Check your Emirates ID Status

Having an Emirates ID is crucial for everyone residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Whether you want to relocate to the UAE, start a business, or simply use one of the many services available. There will need to be an Emirates ID. As a result, those who have an ID, must know how to check the Emirates ID status to keep their compliance.

In this article, we will be explaining how to check the Emirates ID status in just a few steps. You can check the status of your ID using a service called Emirates ID status, which you can access on its website. You can finish the process online using a computer or mobile device, and it is straightforward.

What is Emirates ID?

Emirates ID status

The UAE issues the Emirates ID as a form of identification. It is a card that includes the person’s biometric information, their fingerprints and a photo. As well as documentation of their UAE citizenship.

Every resident of the UAE needs to hold an Emirates ID card. The Emirates ID is valid for the same amount of time as your residency visa even if it was issued after it had been inked into your passport.

Every citizen and resident of the UAE has to have an Emirates identity card. It contains information about you. In the UAE, having an Emirates ID is necessary for a number of things, including opening a bank account, establishing a cell phone plan, and signing up for government services.

Even if you already have a passport, the Emirates ID serves as verification of your residency status in the UAE. Additionally, a national must apply for an Emirates ID card in order to receive a resident visa. One cannot reside in the UAE without an Emirates ID. In addition to being a requirement for nationals and residents, having an ID makes it easier to obtain daily services.

An Emirates ID is not only a means of identification; it also offers a number of advantages to UAE citizens. The following are some benefits of possessing an Emirates ID:

  • Access to many government services, such as social security, healthcare and medical services, and public transit, is made possible by the Emirates ID. For individuals wishing to utilize these services in the UAE, it is a crucial prerequisite.
  • The Emirates ID is additionally available as a form of identification when traveling outside of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. This makes things more convenient by removing the need to travel with various forms of identification.

Steps to Check Your Emirates ID Status

It is essential to learn how to check emirates ID status. After renewing or requesting a new card, it is simple to check the validity of an Emirates ID. Following are instructions on how to verify Emirates ID information.

Visit the Official ICA Website

Check your Emirates ID status at, the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship’s official website.

Locate the Emirates ID Status Check

To continue to know your Emirates ID status, you must locate the “Status Check” button. On the initial page’s right side, you will find a section with the heading “Check ID status.”

Enter Your Application Details

Then, you must enter your application details. This includes the 15-digit Emirates ID number.

Check Your Status

Lastly, you will be able to see your Emirates ID status.

Check the Validity of Your Existing Emirates ID

If you do not know when your Emirates ID expires, you are not the only one. But it is a good idea to ask if you are unsure. It is simple to verify the status of an Emirates ID. The absolute last thing you want is to be stranded overseas without an appropriate identification or visa, making it impossible for you to return home. As a result, you must confirm the validity of your Emirates ID card.

The cost of an Emirates ID determines how long it is. For example, the Emirates ID is good for 5 years if you pay 100 AED, and it is continuously valid for 10 years if you pay 200 AED. The steps to authenticate your Emirates ID are here below:

  • Go to the FAIC smart service site.
  • Enter your Emirates ID number.
  • Select your nationality.
  • Enter birth date.
  • Do CAPTCHA test.
  • Click search.

Check Your Emirates ID Application Status

Emirates ID status

Obtaining an Emirates ID for UAE residents is a crucial step toward settling down in the UAE as an expat moving there. However, you must first be granted a UAE visa before you may obtain an Emirates ID. Fortunately, people who want to move to the UAE have a variety of visa choices at their disposal.

Doing the ID application is easy. However, applicants must do their emirates ID tracking to ensure the status of the application. This is essential, especially after paying the Emirates ID cost, to know if the payment went through.

To check the Emirates ID status of application, you must:

  • Go to ICP.
  • Select “Application status.”
  • Enter your details.
  • See your status.

On this website, applicants can follow each stage of checking Emirates ID data. The EIDA informs users of the application’s current state in order to ensure transparency. In order to keep applicants updated on the status of their applications for Emirates ID cards, the Emirates Identity Authority, or EIDA, will now send texts to the phone number provided on the application form.

As you check your Emirates ID status, you will see:

  • Application in place: The status will be up-to-date once the Emirates ID application procedure finishes.
  • Application printing: If the application is now printing.
  • Verification: When the system is verifying if the documents are correct.
  • Card printed: As soon as the card is ready to be delivered.
  • Card delivered: After printing, the Emirates ID will be shipped to the postal service in the area you live in.

After your visa is into your passport, you should obtain your ID card 7–10 days later. As your ID processes, you will get SMS updates. You can pick it up when it is available at one of the Emirates Post locations.

Obtain a replacement Emiratis ID card

If you lose your card, you can order a replacement Emirates ID card.

  • Make a report at the police station by going there. A report must be filed for a fee of 70 AED.
  • Within seven days of losing your card, get in touch with the FAIC to report it lost.
  • Order a new card by going to any FAIC office. The price for this is 300 AED and an application fee of 70 AED (if submitted in person) or 40 AED (if submitted online).
  • Visit any Emirates Postal Office to pick up the fresh card.

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