Moving to Dubai from the UK: Everything You Need To Know

moving to dubai from uk

The People of the United Kingdom are willing to move to Dubai for the establishment and prosperity of their future career goals. While hunting for a better job prospects, grab a chance to live an affluent, sun-drenched lifestyle. People find this city of gold attractive and awe-inspiring for a variety of reasons. The flawless white beaches, enormous malls, and abundance of unique architectural monuments are the few instances. However, there are other aspects that every individual should take into his/her account before shifting from UK to Dubai.

We will be discussing about how to move to Dubai from UK in this article. Moving from UK to Dubai is surely a difficult task but a fascinating experience as well. For the hassle-free relocation and effective moving to the cosmopolitan metropolis, acknowledge these below-mentioned aspects. Begin now and fulfill your relish of living in this dreamy city.

Visa Requirements for Relocating to Dubai from UK

moving to dubai from uk

Moving to Dubai from UK

If you are wondering how to move to Dubai from UK, here is how. Obtaining a visa is the first step moving to UAE from UK. You can require a work visa, a residency visa, or an investor visa, depending on the reason for your relocation.

Additionally, it is crucial to learn about the various visa options and their respective criteria. As you can do so by going to a sponsorship in Dubai or the UAE consulate in London to get the necessary visa.

The Types of Visas Available

Employment visa: A visa sponsored by your employer that allows you to enter the country, following a work permit is given.

  • Remote work visa: A component of the virtual working program in Dubai. It enables you to change your location and carry on remotely with your current employer.
  • Dependent visa: A visa for people whose parents or spouses have previously obtained residency in Dubai.
  • Student visa: A visa for students attending in one of Dubai’s institutions.
  • Investor visa: A visa for foreigners who invest in UAE-based businesses.
  • Retirement visa: This 5-year visa is available to foreign nationals who are over 55.
  • Freelance visa Dubai: This is one of the best alternatives for those who are looking to expand their freelancing frontiers.

The most typical of these for immigrating to Dubai from UK is the work visa. It has as a primary requirement that you obtain a job contract from an organization that exists in Dubai. Once you take the proposal, the organization will often cover the cost of processing your visa as well as any subsequent fees.

Cost of Living in Dubai

moving to dubai from uk

Moving to Dubai from UK

Dubai is filled with all the goodness that you must have been looking for if you are planning to relocate. This gives you a chance to experience the foolproof luxurious lifestyle with all the basic amenities you need for your routine. Become carefree about your career because this city has robust structure of employment, offering dynamic space to grow in your career. However, the primary factor which you cannot overlook is the cost of living in Dubai. Moving to Dubai from the UK sounds like a perfect plan but actually comes with a cost to pay.

Living costs in Dubai are frequently lower than those in the UK. Compared to the UK, Dubai offers cheaper prices on basic essentials including food, clothing, and household products. With rentals around 30% lower than in the UK, Dubai also has more affordable housing options.

In comparison to the UK, Dubai has far cheaper transport costs. The transportation for common mass is easier to access and is affordable, including the Metro and buses. Taxis are also inexpensive and easily obtainable.

Basic necessities such as electricity and water are affordable in Dubai than in UK. Whereas the Internet and phone services cost higher than the other utilities, Therefore, when setting up a budget, you need o take this essential figures in mind. Other than this, the housing expense, UAE insurance, health care and education need to be taken into consideration.

Housing in Dubai When Moving from the UK to Dubai

If you have a question in your mind, “can I move to Dubai from UK” then the answer is absolutely yes. However, the foremost thing to take care of is the suitable housing arrangement before anything else. For this you can find multiple options of residency in this widely structured and popularized city. Choose from the wide-ranging option based on your preferences. From the lavish villa to the affordable apartment, every option is accessible here.

The most renowned areas for foreign citizens to live in Dubai are Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah, The Palm, Dubai Marina, and Arabian Ranches. These areas offer stunning views, modern amenities, and easy access to some of the city’s main attractions. Dubai also offers a range of villas and apartments in the city’s more upmarket suburbs, such as Emirates Hills, The Lakes, and Jumeirah Golf Estates.

When it comes to the cost of renting in Dubai, the cost can vary significantly depending on the size, location, and amenities of the property. Generally speaking, one-bedroom apartments can cost anywhere from AED 30,000 to AED 150,000 per year, while villas can cost between AED 150,000 and AED 500,000 per year.

In the city of Dubai, you can choose housing option according to your budget. For the affordable accommodation, there are numerous apartment complexes that provide studio apartments for rent at an affordable rate. These apartments typically range from AED 20,000 to AED 40,000 per year, making them a suitable option for those who are tight on pocket.

Additionally, Dubai comes with endless housing options if you are looking to buy property. You can go for the development that offers apartment and villas at affordable range. Most of them are located in the city’s most sought-after areas. This makes them fascinating option for the investors who are seeking to invest in Dubai’s real estate market.

Culture in Dubai for UK Expats

For UK based expats looking for new place to reside, Dubai is a great option as it is enriched in culture. It is contemporary and fast-paced city of United Arab Emirates, unlocking doors to the diverse culture all over the world.

This versatility in Dubai population represents the wide-ranging expat community. This city is a home to additional population, contributed by the foreign citizens from Pakistan, India, and Philippines. This brings the dynamic cultural influences representing difference including those on music, art, gastronomy, and language.

The Islamic heritage of Dubai is one of its most defining cultural characteristics. Dubai’s citizens are cognizant of their religious beliefs and rituals since the city upholds and observes Islamic values and practices. This therefore has a apparent effect on how individuals act, dress, and communicate with one another.

The UAE has a lot in plate to offer. The enriched culture is the foremost thing you will witness with the specific gravitation towards music and art.  This boosts the existence of concerts, art galleries, traditional dance performances etc.

The diverse cuisine of Dubai is also great deal to eyes and stomach, representing versatility according to the mixed population.  Due to the Impact from the Middle East, India, and Europe, there is a wide range of restaurants to choose from.

Moreover, Dubai is the city that stays awake.  This ensures the liveliness in night time with many entertainment options to choose from like bars, clubs, restaurants etc. All of them has doffer different budget so you can pick the one that suits best to your preferences.  This way, your wish to experience the beautiful evening of Dubai or hanging out with your friends is going to be fulfilled.


The primary language of this city of United Arab Emirate is Arabic. However, the majority of citizens speak English with fluency. This indicates that you will face no language barrier when moving to this city. There are numerous expats, belonging to different backgrounds that live here for work or any other purpose. This allows you to converse smoothly.


Dubai is a very tolerant city when it regards attire since it is a global metropolis with a large expat population. If you are planning to earning money as a freelancer and moving to Dubai from UAE, you must know that:

Most people are considerate as long as you do not wear something too short or revealing.

In the city, women can pair sleeveless tops with skirts or shorts. However, hot shorts along with tank tops might draw some glances; yet, they are fairly popular at beaches and clubs.

It is recommended that you dress long trousers and avoid wearing anything with very short sleeves if you plan to attend a mosque or other holy site.


In Dubai, you can likely forget about wearing winter clothing. The lowest temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius in the month of January, and the year is often sunny and warm with peaks in August reaching 43 degrees Celsius.

Work Environment

From a UK citizen’s standpoint, working in Dubai will be quite satisfying. Especially if you are operating under a Dubai freelance visa.

Especially in prestigious organizations, the work setting in Dubai is extremely professional, and you will discover that other employees are intelligent, capable people.

Furthermore, you might discover that you are receiving a higher pay and greater benefits. Regular job hours are 9 hours per day, or 47 hours per week. This according to UAE labor law, you have the right to 22 days of yearly leave. But you will also need to get used to the approximately 14 days of annual public holidays in Dubai.

Freelance Visa Dubai

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