All You Need to Know About the Unified Number Dubai, UAE.

unified number UAE

If you are entering the territory of the United Arab Emirates, an identification called unified number UAE will be automatically assigned to you. Only the residents have access to this number. The government of the country has designed this number considering it as an identification tool that allows differentiating all the people found in the nation. It is important to mention that it is extremely important, especially for residents since it allows access to other documentation. For instance, the Emirates ID and other documentation for people who want to open their companies in Dubai.

In this article, the importance of the unified number UAE for the residents of Dubai will be discussed. It is common knowledge that Dubai is one of the most populous and cosmopolitan cities in the UAE. This city is highly appealing to foreign entrepreneurs seeking a prime location to establish their companies. Thanks to this, we will examine the opportunities, challenges, and opportunities that the UID provides to residents. In addition, we will disclose all the documents and the process you must follow to obtain them.

What is a Unified Number Dubai?

unified number UAE

An Emirates unified number or UID number is a number between 9 and 15 digits. This is automatically related to the issuance of the resident visa and even when it is renewed. In this way, the UID will help you to identify yourself as the holder of the visa and that it only belongs to you. The General Directorate of Residence and Migration (GDRFA) and the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICA) issue these.

Both regulatory bodies are responsible for participating in the issuance and management of residence permits. In addition, they handle refugee identification applications and other identification documents that are related to UAE residency. Here, everyone has their own unique UAE unified number.

This number will stay with you regardless of your visa status throughout your stay in the UAE. On the other hand, the GDRFA and the ICA issue these numbers. These are the regulatory authorities that are in charge of monitoring the entire application process. This way, they can check all the necessary permits to prove that you live in the UAE.

It is important that you have a unified number, as this will be essential for the application for an Emirates ID. Also, even if you cancel your visa or make subsequent applications, this number will remain the same. State legal institutions and those related to immigration identify everyone by their unified number. It is vital that you know your unified number and always keep it safe.

Documents Required for Unified Number Application

It is very important to know that Unified number applications may require different documents depending on the case. One of the cases is when you request the number for personal purposes, such as the UAE unified number for a Freelancer visa and its benefits. On the other hand, there is the case when this is for commercial purposes, such as starting a new business in the UAE.

For personal purposes, the following documents will be requested:

  • Your passport and that it is valid at the time of application.
  • A recently taken photo.
  • Your medical certificate.
  • Your health insurance.
  • Proof of your criminal record.
  • If applicable, you must present your marriage certificate.
  • If applicable, you must present your education certificate.

For commercial purposes, the following documents will be requested:

  • The commercial registration certificate.
  • The commercial license is valid.
  • Passports and visas of all business partners.
  • The memorandum and articles of association.
  • A letter of no objection from the sponsor.

The unified number is unique and belongs to a single person. However, after the entire application process, many numbers may be assigned to one person. This problem occurs due to system failures when assigning your unified number. In this way, to solve this problem you must go to the GDRFA to combine your unified number.

To carry out this process you must bring your passport, a single copy of your verified entry visa, and any documents that may be necessary. An example of this may be your employment information. If you have expired or canceled visas, they can be used as supporting documentation; so it would be a good idea to bring them with you.

Importance of unified number Dubai, UAE

It is vital that if you reside in the UAE, you are aware of the importance of the unified id UAE number. Every person can locate the unified number above the UAE visa number. In addition, it is important to highlight that this unified number is different from the visa number. In this way, you find that the UID number will contain vital information about you and the purpose of your visit, and even your plan to stay in the nation.

Having said this, now you will see in more detail what the numbers that you can find in your unified number mean:

  • The first three digits of your number correspond to the emirate of visa issuance. That is, it implies the location of the applicant. Some clear examples of this are that visas in Abu Dhabi start with 101 and on the other hand those in Dubai start with 201. It is important to note that all visas that are issued in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah will have an oblique bar after the number.
  • The next four digits will correspond to the year in which the visa is being granted.
  • Finally, the next 7-9 numbers will be your UAE visa number. In this case, this will be the number you will need to use if you ever need to submit your visa number for any official government paperwork.

It is very likely that you will not be able to apply for a UAE ID or a residence visa if you do not have one. Thus, a foreigner needs to have a unified number. Thus, any type of legal inconvenience can be avoided when carrying out any procedure that requires this number. It should be noted that this number is unique to you and you should always keep it safe.

Benefits of having a Unified Number

unified number UAE

It is crucial to carefully read the information on your visa as it contains important details. For this reason, the benefits of the UAE unified number are many and it is important that you know about them. Next, we will see the most important benefits that this number offers us.

You will have a single number, both for individuals and entities in the different systems and services of the government of the UAE. In addition, it will facilitate access to government services. In this way, you will be able to carry out transactions online without having to present many documents or identifications. Thanks to this number, paperwork is reduced, thus providing greater efficiency when providing any service.

If you want to register a business, they can help you simplify the registration process. In addition, thanks to this, businesses will be able to register with different authorities only using an application form. On the other hand, with this number, you can continue applying for a resident visa. Also, it helps you to have a unique identifier within the UAE immigration database.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, the unified number has other benefits such as:

  • Request or renew your Emirates ID, which is a mandatory document for all residents and citizens of the UAE. This card contains your data, such as name, nationality, gender, signature, and fingerprints.
  • You can open an account at any bank or if you wish, you can request a loan at any bank more easily.
  • If you want to work as a freelancer in Dubai and want to get a visa, you will need your unified number.

How to apply for a Unified Number?

Anyone who works in the UAE, be it a full-time job or as a freelancer, needs the unified UAE number. The first thing you should know is the General Department of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) issue the UIDs.

For all this and everything said above, it is important that you know how to obtain the unified number UAE. To have access to this identification, you must have a residence visa.

To apply for a residence visa, you have to meet some eligibility requirements. Among the most important, having an employment contract, a sponsor, health insurance, a medical certificate, and a criminal record test. In addition, the corresponding fees must be paid and the documents described in the previous section must be presented.

After the approval of your residency visa, the government in the UAE will automatically assign you a UID. You can do the application process in person or online. If you want to do it online, you have to enter the website of the Ministry of Economy. On the other hand, to make the application in person, you must go to one of the branches of the Ministry of Economy.

In case you request the UID for personal purposes, in conjunction with the residence visa, you will have it available in approximately 3 and 10 business days. If, on the contrary, you request it for commercial purposes, it will be available in 10 business days.

You can find the UAE unified number on the long-stay permit, just above your file number. Another way to check your UID is through the Internet. You should only use the UAE unified number consultation service of the General Department of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).

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